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Fleet Fueling FAQ
Here at Chiles Enterprises, we make customer service our primary goal. There are many card systems available today, but we prioritize you. Input from our customers is very important to us, and we appreciate comments and ideas that give us an opportunity to improve our service to you.

What are Chiles Enterprises' fees for this automated system?
There are no charges for cards or hidden fees for purchases that you make. Other card options paint a pretty picture up front, so that you don’t see the fees at the end. We won’t do that to you.

Does Chiles Enterprises give discounts?
Chiles offers volume and prompt pay discounts for all customers.

What if I lose my cards or I need to change information on cards?
Immediately give us a call we can deactivate that card and print you a replacement card in house almost immediately.

How do I know the price of fuel since the price isn’t posted at your sites?
Give us a call; we can give you the prices for any Pacific Pride site in the United States. Chiles Enterprises is not a retail operation. By using the card services, you will become a wholesale buyer of fuel—the most cost effective method of purchasing. We use the combined volume of many customers, such as yourself, to be able to go to refiners and get the best pricing available at all times. Prices are adjusted daily.

Do you give receipts?
Our system was specifically designed to enable the customer to get rid of fuel receipts. Most of our customers used signed fuel receipts, but now they use the excellent, detailed report to control fuel purchases.  However if receipts are needed, you can get a receipt for each transaction delivered timely to your inbox via email.

Do the cards work at retail gas stations as well?
Yes, you can go to retail gas stations, but the primary location for the cards is a convenience to you because you dodge retail traffic.

What kind of billing terms do you have?
We understand that not all companies are the same. We offer many different terms for a company to choose from. For example: weekly, twice a month, or monthly.

What kind of payment plans does Chiles Enterprise have to offer?
We accept most major credit cards like Visa, American Express, MasterCard and more. For best pricing we offer our customers ACH or EFT options, check and credit cards are also excepted. We strive to give our customers the availability they need to make them comfortable with their fueling needs.

Do Pacific Pride sites have restrooms?
Some locations have restrooms that can be accessed with the cards, others have a nearby store.

Can small companies use this service?
Small companies may benefit most from our service. Get the pricing purchasing advantage of the BIG companies with Chiles Enterprises.

What type (brand) of fuel do you have?
Accepted at over 57,000 locations. Many sites are branded with major brands such as Pacific Pride, Fuelman, Pilot Travel Center, Flying J, Speedway, Sinclair, Love's, Chevron, Texaco, and Phillips.

How many years do you have in the card lock business?
We have 40+ years of experience with Pacific Pride.

Are your locations easy to get in and out?
Most card locations are designed for commercial traffic: easy in and easy out.

Will your statement have the information I need?
All the fueling information you need is on your statement. It includes MPG, cost of fuel, total gallons purchased, and more.
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How can I find your sites and are they clearly marked?
Each site is equipped with bright signage to make them more visible to our customers.
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Keep These Costs To A Minimum

According to The American Transportation Research Institute, in 2018 fuel costs average
$14.50 / Hour

You can take control and minimize costs with Chiles Enterprises.
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